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As experienced Will solicitors and estate planning lawyers, Gallaghers understand that your family and loved ones are the most important part of your life. To avoid unnecessary pressure and strain on those you care about when the time comes, we advise that you have your Will and estate plan prepared before you pass away, to ensure you know they will be protected and your assets are not being distributed to the wrong people.

For many people, making decisions around succession after someone’s death can be both a challenging and confronting time. It can also raise some questions and concerns about how to protect your loved ones when you’re gone and often, the larger or more complex your estate, the more daunting it may seem.

As an adult, a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign and although you can prepare your own, you may need advice that is tailored to your financial situation and family circumstances. Talking to experienced Will solicitors is recommended to ensure you are up to date with current legislation and everything is valid, minimising disputes in the future. That’s where we can help.

Our compassionate team is warm and welcoming, creating a comfortable environment to make those confronting decisions, find solutions unique to your circumstances, and leave you with confidence and peace of mind that you are making the right choices. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have a deep understanding of the emotions that arise; we always do our very best to shoulder the burden with you.

Contesting a Will or Estate Plan

Unfortunately, there can be messy situations where disputes about Wills and estates come to light and cause distress to the family. Contesting a Will or an estate is common, and our experienced will solicitors can help you through that process too.

There have been times when we have stepped in to help clients who believe an estate hasn’t been administered properly or there has been a dispute as to the validity of a document. Litigation in these areas tends to be quite emotional for all parties involved and for this reason, can become complicated. Having a professional advising you during these times can be comforting.

How our Will solicitors can help

Frequently asked questions

In most circumstances, we can work around what is more convenient for you. We are generally able to work with clients over the phone, via email, or zoom, but if you’d like to meet in person, we can set that up too. Obviously, if there is paperwork to sign we will work with you to arrange an accessible location.

During this 15 minute consultation, we will typically discuss your legal matter and why it is you’ve come to us. We can outline a suggested approach, associated costs to move forward, and the next steps should you choose to continue with our services.

Without meeting or understanding the complexity of your situation, it’s difficult to provide an unmitigated cost. After discussions, once we understand the circumstances of your legal matter, we will be able to give you an estimate of the range of costs you may incur.

We do offer fee arrangements (such as instalments) and can discuss these with you once we establish a way forward. We are always prepared to work with you to come up with a mutually acceptable arrangement.

No, we do not bill in six-minute intervals. We can usually provide a fixed fee quote once we establish the associated works involved in your matter.

We will always be upfront with how long processes take and aim to work as quickly as possible, particularly when you are working to a tight timeframe.

Just remember that some steps in the timeline are out of our hands, so be sure to take that into account.

To prepare for your first appointment, we’ll ask you to send us any documents relating to your matter, as well as any notes that might help us to understand the background a little better.

By the end of your appointment, both of us should know whether or not we can help in your particular matter and the pathway forward. We can also discuss any fees and/or charges to expect to resolve your issue.

Our flat fee for basic general conveyancing is $1,500+GST, plus any disbursements that might come up in that particular matter. Complicated matters may incur a higher fee. Again, we will always be upfront with the charges you can expect.

A Will is an important legal document that outlines your wishes, including how you want your assets distributed, when you die. A well drafted Will may prevent potential family disagreements and reduce the risk of claims against your estate. They can also provide instruction for the appointment of guardians for children under 18 years old, so it’s important your document is up to date and reviewed every couple of years.

Yes, bring your marriage certificate to your meeting. Know that before applying for a divorce, you need to be separated for at least 12 months, but importantly, you do not need to be divorced to obtain a property settlement. We can guide you through that process.

Yes, we can witness your documents by prior appointment.

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