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Enlist in the help of experienced property lawyers when negotiating real estate.

Purchasing or dealing with property is often stressful; which is where our Grafton property lawyers can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Whether the transaction is made privately or through business, it can be an intimidating experience no matter how many times you engage with the process. At Gallaghers, we have over 40+ years of local industry experience and can offer our property law service to the Grafton and surrounding communities with confidence.

We aim to deliver the right advice, piece of mind, and attention to detail required to deliver maximum results every time. We can support first homeowners and investors to large corporate companies dealing with property conveyancing and property law matters, ranging from very straightforward to highly complex settlements.

We want what’s best for you - that’s our approach as property solicitors.

We aspire to be a part of your success story and as a proactive and dynamic team of individuals will provide thoughtful advice and not just carry out instruction for the sake of it. It is important to us that you understand your circumstances and have considered all of the options available before you make a decision. And, when the time is right, we can arrange anything from documents to sign, liaise with your financial institution or local government, and check all documentation so there are no costly surprises.

As property solicitors, no matter if you are dealing with buying or selling a property, leasing a property, a new property development, or strata management, we are here to make sure that everything is completed correctly and pay attention to the details so if we see anything of concern, it can be resolved before it becomes an issue.

In our experience, property law can cover many types of matters

A well-rounded understanding of law is key to success together with an appreciation that each client is unique, their needs can change, and therefore the advice and services required are dependent on their specific circumstances at that particular time. Our property lawyers and solicitors have experience across a wide range of property transactions and property-related issues – some common and others not so common – and can identify issues using their strong capabilities to your advantage.

So, if you do find yourself in a situation where you think you might require a property dispute lawyer, we can point you in the right direction, guide you, or offer advice on a series of concerns including housing authorities, housing applications, ownership, and more. Contact us today.

Frequently asked questions

In most circumstances, we can work around what is more convenient for you. We are generally able to work with clients over the phone, via email, or zoom, but if you’d like to meet in person, we can set that up too. Obviously, if there is paperwork to sign we will work with you to arrange an accessible location.

During this 15 minute consultation, we will typically discuss your legal matter and why it is you’ve come to us. We can outline a suggested approach, associated costs to move forward, and the next steps should you choose to continue with our services.

Without meeting or understanding the complexity of your situation, it’s difficult to provide an unmitigated cost. After discussions, once we understand the circumstances of your legal matter, we will be able to give you an estimate of the range of costs you may incur.

We do offer fee arrangements (such as instalments) and can discuss these with you once we establish a way forward. We are always prepared to work with you to come up with a mutually acceptable arrangement.

No, we do not bill in six-minute intervals. We can usually provide a fixed fee quote once we establish the associated works involved in your matter.

We will always be upfront with how long processes take and aim to work as quickly as possible, particularly when you are working to a tight timeframe.

Just remember that some steps in the timeline are out of our hands, so be sure to take that into account.

To prepare for your first appointment, we’ll ask you to send us any documents relating to your matter, as well as any notes that might help us to understand the background a little better.

By the end of your appointment, both of us should know whether or not we can help in your particular matter and the pathway forward. We can also discuss any fees and/or charges to expect to resolve your issue.

Our flat fee for basic general conveyancing is $1,500+GST, plus any disbursements that might come up in that particular matter. Complicated matters may incur a higher fee. Again, we will always be upfront with the charges you can expect.

A Will is an important legal document that outlines your wishes, including how you want your assets distributed, when you die. A well drafted Will may prevent potential family disagreements and reduce the risk of claims against your estate. They can also provide instruction for the appointment of guardians for children under 18 years old, so it’s important your document is up to date and reviewed every couple of years.

Yes, bring your marriage certificate to your meeting. Know that before applying for a divorce, you need to be separated for at least 12 months, but importantly, you do not need to be divorced to obtain a property settlement. We can guide you through that process.

Yes, we can witness your documents by prior appointment.

Any other questions? Just ask!

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When faced with a legal challenge that calls for solid and fair advice, arrange a free 15-minute consultation. If we can help, we will.
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