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Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers are drug offence lawyers that Grafton trusts. We have years of experience backing our team of criminal lawyers, and we’re ready to help you. If you’ve been charged with a drug offence, please contact us for your first free consultation online or call (02) 6642 6944

Facing a Drug Offence Charge in Grafton?

Being charged with a drug offence can be overwhelming. Penalties can deeply affect your personal and professional life, ranging from substantial fines, loss of certain privileges, to potential jail time. However, a drug offence lawyer can help restore your confidence regarding the outcome. 

Drug offences fall under criminal law in NSW, which is intricate. With the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 and other pertinent NSW laws, it can be challenging to determine your position, much less have the confidence to represent oneself.

How drug offence lawyers help

A drug offence lawyer has:

  • In-depth understanding of legal terminologies
  • The capability to help you know your rights
  • Insight into the complexities of your case
  • The ability to help create a more positive outcome for your case

At Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers, we stand ready to assist you during these trying times. We aim to protect your rights and ensure effective representation of your case. Our local expertise and knowledge are your assets in finding a resolution.

How We Stand Out as Grafton Drug Offence Lawyers

Our Knowledge and Experience

Navigating legal proceedings requires someone seasoned by your side. Especially someone who knows a lot about Grafton and the nearby areas. That’s Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers. We’re intimately familiar with Grafton and our longstanding local presence offers more than just legal advice.

Our Approach to Drug Offence Cases

Every case at Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers is handled with paramount importance and dedication. Our modus operandi for drug offence cases centres around genuine, straightforward, and unwavering representation.

We advocate for clear communication, devoid of legal jargon. Our goal is to enlighten you on every facet of your case. We keep you apprised of every development and discuss potential tactics and results, irrespective of their severity.

Respect and positive energy are at the core of our commitment to you. We endeavour to maintain your peace of mind throughout the legal proceedings.

What we Offer as Drug Offence Lawyers


Every case we undertake is treated with seriousness and attention. Our strategy for drug offence cases is anchored in authenticity and loyalty.

Clarity in communication is our mantra. We pledge to ensure you comprehend your case’s entirety, updating you on every stage and deliberating on possible approaches and consequences.

Transparent Pricing

Engaging with Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers assures clarity in pricing, so you’re never left in the dark about the costs. We reckon that superior legal representation shouldn’t be riddled with undisclosed charges. Our competitive rates mirror the value we bring to the table.

Comprehensive Services

Our services span from initial consultations to potential courtroom advocacy. We explain your legal obligations and address your concerns. Engaging with us instils confidence, knowing seasoned professionals are by your side.

At Gallagher Solicitors & Conveyancers, we strive to provide reliable and personal legal assistance focused on you.

Get a Free Consultation & Contact Us

If you or someone you know faces a drug offence charge, contact us. Based in Grafton, we offer a no-obligation and cost-free initial consultation.

We’re adaptable. Connect via phone, email, or Zoom. If face-to-face interactions or document signings are required, we can coordinate a suitable location.

FAQs on Drug Offences

In NSW, drug offences can range from possession, supply, trafficking, cultivation, and manufacture of prohibited drugs, to continuous drug supply and drug driving. The specifics of each charge can vary based on the quantity and type of drug involved.

The seriousness of a drug offence charge largely depends on the nature and quantity of the drug, as well as the specific offence (e.g., possession vs. trafficking). Some minor possession charges may result in fines, while trafficking or manufacturing charges could lead to substantial jail time.

While it’s legally possible to represent oneself, the complexities of drug laws in NSW make it advisable to seek legal representation. An experienced drug offence lawyer can provide guidance, potentially reduce penalties, or even get charges dropped in certain situations.

Our team, familiar with both the law and the local nuances of Grafton, can provide comprehensive legal services. From understanding your charges and potential outcomes to representing you in court, our objective is to protect your rights and work towards the best possible outcome.

Our initial consultation is no-obligation and cost-free. This meeting allows you to understand your legal standing, discuss potential strategies, and determine how we can best assist you.

Possession generally refers to having a drug for personal use, whereas supply includes intent to sell, distribute, or even agree to supply prohibited drugs. The penalties for supply are typically more severe than for possession.

We pride ourselves on transparent pricing. The specifics will depend on the complexity and length of your case, but rest assured, we discuss all costs upfront and ensure you understand the financial aspects of your representation.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to face multiple charges simultaneously, like drug possession and drug driving. In such cases, the legal complexities increase, making professional legal representation even more crucial.

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