Commercial Law


Are you thinking about buying or selling your business? Or leasing a commercial premises to start a business?


We can assist with all aspects of commercial matters including:


  • Buying and selling businesses

  • Business structures 

  • Commercial agreements

  • Advice on loan or mortgage documents

  • Leasing

  • Contracts and contract disputes

  • Employment issues

  • Debt recovery


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with Tony Gallagher to get advice in relation to your business or commercial matter.


Wills and Estates


Have you thought about making a will but just never got around to it? Or have you been appointed as an executor in a deceased loved one’s will but have no idea what your legal obligations are?


We can assist you with all aspect of wills and estate matters including:


  • Advice in relation to your will, power of attorney or appointment of an enduring guardian

  • Drafting wills, powers of attorney or enduring guardian documents

  • Assistance with administering an estate after a loved one has passed away 

  • Applying for probate or letters of administration

  • Contesting a will


We offer very competitive fixed fee prices for wills, powers of attorney and appointment of enduring guardian documents.


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with Tony Gallagher, or our experienced wills and estates paralegal Geraldine Gallagher, to discuss your will or estate matter.


Property & Conveyancing


Are you buying or selling your house or commercial property?


We have both experienced solicitors and a licensed conveyancer to handle all your property and conveyancing needs. We also offer fixed fee conveyancing for residential properties.


Our firm was the first firm in Grafton to utilise PEXA to settle conveyancing matters electronically and the first local firm to become PEXA Certified. From July 2019 all conveyancing matters will be required to settle in PEXA.


We can assist you with advice in relation to:


  • Domestic conveyancing

  • Rural properties

  • Commercial properties

  • Leasing (commercial, retail & residential)

  • Water Access Licences

  • Relocatable homes and Caravan Parks

  • Retirement Villages


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with Taya Wear, our licensed conveyancer with extensive PEXA experience, or Tony Gallagher, our experienced property solicitor, to discuss your conveyancing or property matter


Personal Injury







Have you been injured in an accident? Do you know where to find the right claim form, or the insurer you need to lodge it with? What can you do if an insurer refuses to accept liability for your claim? What are the benefits you may be entitled to?


If you are injured in an accident and have incurred medical expenses or are unable to work, it can be very distressing to navigate your way through what is often a complicated system to claim the benefits you may be entitled to. Our firm understands the difficulties many people experience when they are injured through no fault of their own and are in need of financial or other assistance and we can provide advice in relation to your personal injury matter on a no win/no fee basis.


We can assist with all aspects of personal injury matters including: 


  • Workers Compensation claims 

  • Motor Vehicle accidents

  • Public liability matters

  • Insurance claims

  • Medical or other negligence claims


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 and speak to Kari Hilton, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury. Kari is also an approved legal services provider for ILARS funding grants for NSW workers compensation claims.


Litigation/Court matters


Have you been served with a Statement of Claim or other court document and need advice? Or do you need to commence court proceedings in a matter?


While ideally we would all like to try to resolve matters on an amicable basis, in some cases this is just not possible and court proceedings are often required.


We aim to deal with court matters as quickly and efficiently as possible so as not to incur unnecessary legal costs and try to use alternative dispute resolution methods wherever possible.


Both Tony Gallagher and Kari Hilton are experienced solicitors with many years of experience dealing with litigated matters in the Local, District, Federal and Supreme Courts.


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with either Tony Gallagher or Kari Hilton to discuss.

Family Law


Are you going through a difficult separation with your partner? Do you have children or property matters that need to be resolved?


Our firm understands the difficulties people experience when a long term relationship ends, particularly when mutual property or children may be involved.


We can assist with all aspects of family law matters including:


  • Divorce

  • De facto relationships

  • Same-sex relationships

  • Property division

  • Parenting arrangements for children

  • Child Support

  • Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders

  • Alternative dispute resolution


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with Tony Gallagher, or our experienced family law paralegal Madeleine Gallagher, to discuss your family law matter.


Local Government & Planning Law


Are you having problems with a development approval? Or do you have a dispute with your Local Council?


Our firm can provide advice on all aspects of local government, planning and environmental law and practice including litigated matters in the Local, District or Supreme Court or Land and Environment Court. 


We can also assist with:


  • Development assessment & approval

  • Issues relating to public roads, access to public reserves and Crown land

  • Legal advice across all areas of Council operations relating to the powers and duties of Councils


Call our office on (02) 6642 6944 to make an appointment with Tony Gallagher to discuss your local government or planning matter.

Justice of the Peace

Do you need documents certified or a JP to witness your signature on a statutory declaration?

Our firm has a number of JPs who can witness your signature on documents or provide certified copies of original documents. All JP services are free of charge.

Call into our office at 67 Victoria Street, Grafton with your documents if you require the services of a JP.

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We have an Accredited Specialist

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